Euro wine Rihanna need remember by name

Rihanna. Photo Credit: Zimbio

For the girl who can’t remember what her name is, oh na, na, it’s time to move on from brawling exes and clubbing boyfriends. RiRi, the world is your vinoyster.  Time to focus mononymous one. I’m serious. You are growing up so fast. Time to start shedding those disparaging nicknames like the sevenhead songstress. Fine wine will help you mature as a person and an artist. I’m talking to you too, Drake.

I’m not suggesting investing time and research into Bordeaux Futures (Château Latour, not) or Burgundy of a DRC level. Champagne may be what all the other Limo-riding rappers are putting back (note Cristal), but Old World, European, crustaceaous-friendly white wine is what you need. I know you both put back plenty of raw bar material. An indisputable case purchase in Greco di Tufo from Campania in Southwestern Italy is the ticket. A terrific match.

Terredora Loggia Della Serra Greco Di Tufo 2010 (983197, $17.95) gives up lime cordial and amaroidal, Angostura suspended in Campari on the rocks, jet setting in Terre Cinque as much as in Campania. Firm body, bronzed, dewy complexion and scented, pigment-shy berries.  Absolute IVR* from the June 23rd, VINTAGES release.  89

2010 Terredora di Paolo Greco di Tufo Loggia della Serra 750ml

IVR* – Vintage Direct Intrigue-to-Value Ratio

Good to go!

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