The Kalon of Mom


I wrote this ahead of Mother’s Day, May 7th, 2014. Bringing it back with a short amendment, on account of present day reality, a brief codicil, if you will.

A shout out to mom. The influence and unrequited love of a mother is age irrelevant. She is everything to her child, their rock, their wherewithal. Mothers are Kalon incarnate. They are what the Greek philosophers refer to as beauty that is more than skin deep. The idealistic representation of perfect grace in the physical and moral sense. Mom’s deserve more than they get but they rarely complain. If my mother were to be described in a wine tasting note, this would be it:

“From a vintage in which the mold must have been broken, 1938. Impossibly youthful and yet full of life, zest, verve and generosity. Classically styled, unselfish and seamless. Has aged with halcyon, linear precision, patience and the grace of an angel. Residing in an exceptionally calm and beautiful window. Will offer many more years of pleasure to be with.”

Doesn’t the mother in your life deserve a taste of something special, if not every day, at the very least today?

Many will not have the opportunity to physically be with their mothers today. They can however speak to the wounded zeitgeist with eloquence and love. Happy Mother’s Day Mom and to all mothers, everywhere.


Good to go!


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