BC Syrah, Feist Heist and Juno Who Stole My Face?

April 2, 2012



City in Colour’s Dallas Green took home the Juno for Songwriter of the Year but Feist pulled off the show’s biggest heist, stealing away Artist of the Year from Green’s outfit. Congrats certainly goes out to The Sheepdogs but where is the love for Sloan, Ron Sexsmith or Blue Rodeo’s Jim Cuddy? Now I have discovered larceny of another kind. Someone has made use of my face. Here is a self-inflicted portrait of me at Opalescent Lake, Barron River, Algonquin Park. Now click on the YouTube Gillette Commercial and tell me my doppelgänger is not out there walking the earth. Can’t be an April Fool’s thing. Freeze it at the three-second mark for full effect.


Last month my tasting note was less than flattering for the TOWNSHIP 7 SYRAH 2007 (263665, $24.95). “Gives off a stickum smell so much so VA comes to mind. Hard and brutish, the township ungroomed, full of moody character, barely penetrable. Hold a feather over the glass to see if it’s alive. Hard to assess.” 85

As a promise to proprietor Lori Pike-Raffan, I promised to taste again. I did in fact purchase a second bottle and am happy to report the first specimen as surely flawed. The flavour theft could have been a result of bad temperament, bottle shock, poor handling en route to Ontario or just bad luck. Here my note on the second try.

TOWNSHIP 7 SYRAH 2007 (263665, $24.95) limns in glass as a cool, penetrating Pic Island or Canto XVII colour. Peppery spice and unfettered eucalyptus separate the 7’s actions from California’s rangers, remaining unique unto itself.  BC tree fruit exuding from every sip save for a mutinous, shy, hollow and peripatetic middle moment.  More time should smooth and flesh that fruit.  89




Good to go!

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