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From penal colony to world wine power, Australia has crossed many a bridge in its compendious 250 years. Now something is amiss. VINTAGES flitted “First Families” back on April 30th, “Aussie Somewhereness” on January 21st but now the gesture resembles a flipped bird towards the LDU. Four wines represented. Four? Two years ago there were 36. So why has VINTAGES abandoned the cobbers? Are the arbiters disgusted by rows of reductive tinctures languishing on shelves like tin soldiers in a hobby shop? Consider this. Speculative investment into an already strong Aussie dollar has soared since the beginning of the year, with the downside heaving a negative impact on sectors such as manufacturing, tourism and yes, wine exports. VINTAGES stopped buying Oz because consumers are transparent in their quest for value and IVR* from Chile, Argentina, Spain, New Zealand and South Africa. Fault not the winemakers from the hot continent. The economic lot handed to them beats down their competitive spirit. Looking back 10 years that is almost hard to believe. OK, a fair crack of the whip for a true blue battler charitably down $12 from ’07.

MITOLO REIVER SHIRAZ 2008 (41145, $43) is a Barossan dinki-di with all the bramble, savoury earth and pho spice one can imagine. Sure, the compressed berries and sharp twang will go to town like a sour, hard candy and render one full as a goog. Fair suck of the sav, mate. Cry me a reiver and re-acquaint your mind with flavour. HS-WS (94), LPB-RP (93), JO (93) and JH (95) are followers. Will drink beautifully in five to seven.

IVR* – Vintage Direct Intrigue-to-Value Ratio

CVR** – Vintage Direct Curiosity-to-Value Ratio

Good to Go!

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